Simple Mail and Post Office Protocol for .Net (SmtPop)

SmtPop Namespace

The Simple Mail and Post Office Protocol (SmtPop) for .Net is a class library to deal with POP3 And SMTP server.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
AuthentifiedEventParam Authentified event parameters
Config Default configurtaion for SmtPop
ConnectEventParam Connection event parameters
MailAddress The class handle an RFC2822 email address
MailAddressException MailAdress exception
MailAddressList A strongly-typed collection of MailAddress objects.
MessageBuilder This class help building mail message
MimeAttachment An attachment in a MimeMessage
MimeAttachmentList Implements a strongly typed collection of MimeAttachment elements.
MimeConstant A class to deal with various Mime constant
MimeException Mime exception
MimeField A mime header field
MimeFieldList Handle a list of MimeField
MimeMessage An RFC822 MimeMessage
POP3Client Pop3 Client
POP3Exception POP3 Client communication exception
POPMessageId Message Identifier
POPReader A stream to read one message from a pop3 server
QPEncoder The class provide method to encode/decode Quoted Printable
ReceivedEventParam The received event parameters
SMTPClient This class sends a MimeMessage to an SMTP server
SMTPDestination for future use
SmtpException Smtp Client communication exception
SMTPWriter A stream to send MimeMessage to smtp server


Interface Description
IMimeAttachmentCollection Defines size, enumerators, and synchronization methods for strongly typed collections of MimeAttachment elements.
IMimeAttachmentEnumerator Supports type-safe iteration over a collection that contains MimeAttachment elements.
IMimeAttachmentList Represents a strongly typed collection of MimeAttachment objects that can be individually accessed by index.
MailAddressList.IMailAddressListEnumerator Supports type-safe iteration over a MailAddressList.


Delegate Description
AuthentifiedEventHandler The authentified event
ConnectEventHandler The connexion event
EventHandler Smtpop event declaration
ReceivedEventHandler The received event


Enumeration Description
MimeAttachment.decoder_state The decoder state
MimeAttachment.MimeDisposition Content-disposition enumeration
MimeMessage.decoder_state The decoder states
MimeTextContentType Text type enumeration
MimeTransferEncoding Transfer encoding enumeration